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JJK 259 has given fans a new mystery to solve, this time involving Todo & the Boogie Woogie technique!

I was one of those people who mourned when Todo lost his arm, and subsequently admitted that Boogie Woogie cursed technique was dead in Shibuya.

Mahito truly was the target of all my negative emotions back then.

True, there were theories that Todo might come back all guns blazing, pulling a Netero from Hunter x Hunter.

However, Todo missing from the Culling Games made me lose hope of being able to see him and his Boogie Woogie technique in action again.

But then, it seems like Gege Akutami had other plans in store for us readers.

Come JJK chapter 259, Todo not only appeared at Shinjuku to give hopes to Itadori in the fight against Sukuna, it was also revealed that his cursed technique Boogie Woogie had returned somehow.

Todo’s appearance on the battlefield was similar to the one at Shibuya, motivating a hopeless Yuji, who was down in the dumps after Choso’s death!

As they both team up to fight Sukuna, a question naturally comes to our mind. How did Todo get his cursed technique back?

After all, he was the one who claimed that his Boogie Woogie cursed technique was dead, back in JJK chapter 132. Then how on earth did this happen?

How Did Todo Get His Cursed Technique Back? What Happened To His Arm? [Updated] - Animehunch (1)

Before the asspull allegations take over, let’s try to get a better understanding of the situation here!!

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What happened to Todo’s arm?

Before coming to the cursed technique, let’s a took at how exactly Todo lost his arm.

In the fight against Mahito during the Shibuya Incident, the cursed spirit opened a Domain Expansion of 0.2 seconds.

Even though Todo used a simple domain to counter it, Mahito’s sure hit still affected his arm.

Getting hit by Idle Transfiguration is a death wish for any sorcerer.

And so, before the effects of Mahito’s CT could affect his whole body, Todo cuts off his arm in order to reduce the damages.

We even see his disfigured arm in chapter 130.

How Did Todo Get His Cursed Technique Back? What Happened To His Arm? [Updated] - Animehunch (2)

Given how Todo doesn’t have the same RCT output as Yuta, Hakari or Gojo, it was always an outer possibility that he would regenerate his arm.

However, in chapter 259, we see that Todo had done something to regain his cursed technique!

I had inkling that he would reattach his disfigured arm with the help of Shoko. I was totally wrong!!!

Gege is quite an artist at subverting our expectations, and he did that once again in JJK chapter 260.

Just like how Itadori’s arms have transformed, mostly due to a cursed tool, Todo too was equipped with a unique instrument – the vibraslap.

And this vibraslap played a role in the new Boogie Woogie technique that he was using!!

How Did Todo Get His Cursed Technique Back? What Happened To His Arm? [Updated] - Animehunch (3)

How did Todo get his cursed technique ‘Boogie Woogie’ back?

Based on what we saw in JJK chapter 260, Todo got his cursed technique back by attaching a vibraslap in place of his left arm and changing the activation condition for Boogie Woogie.

We know that Todo’s technique was activated by clapping. The reason why Todo said he couldn’t use Boogie Woogie was because he had lost his arm.

And thanks to this makeshift arrangement, Todo could still feel the “beat” of the Boogie Woogie, as opposed to how he claimed that his technique was dead in Shibuya!

How Did Todo Get His Cursed Technique Back? What Happened To His Arm? [Updated] - Animehunch (4)

But, how did attaching a vibraslap conveniently help Todo get back his Boogie Woogie?

I am pretty that some are alleging this movie is an asspull. Trust me – it ain’t!

Repeat after me – The cursed technique of a sorcerer is engraved in the right pre-frontal cortex of the brain!

So, when Todo lost his arm, he didn’t lose his cursed technique – instead he just lost the way to ACTIVATE Boogie Woogie. The cursed technique still remained engraved in him.

All he needed to do was find a new way to activate Boogie Woogie, and he could go back to using it. That’s where the vibraslap comes into picture.

Boogie Woogie Revised – Using Vibraslap:

Before we get to the revised Boogie Woogie – let’s first understand how a vibraslap works!

A vibraslap is a percussion instrument that creates a rattling sound. Its design consists of a bent, stiff wire, often in a U-shape, which connects a wooden ball to a hollow box.

Inside the box lies a metal mechanism with loosely fastened pins or rivets.

When the ball is hit (using the palm or the fist) it sends vibrations through the ball and into the box. As the box vibrates, the metal parts rattle against the interior, creating the vibraslap’s signature sound.

This act of the metal piece hitting the wood was used by Todo as an activation condition for Boogie Woogie.

Every time the metal piece struck the wooden box inside – Todo could use his technique and swap his targets. However, it was up to Todo whether to swap his target or not, just like how it was with his clap.

This was certainly an upgrade on him activating the Boogie Woogie using a clap, because the Vibraslap allowed him more swaps, and made the technique even more deadly.

While the metal piece in the vibraslap hit the wooden box a lot of times in a single second, Todo used a binding vow to limit the number of times he could swap his targets to 50.

This binding vow allowed him to overcome two shortcomings of Boogie Woogie – namely the limited range, and the number of targets he could swap.

By imposing the binding vow on the number of swaps, Todo was now able to increase the effective range of Boogie Woogie, and also select multiple cursed technique targets.

These improvements helped Todo to rescue his allies from Sukuna’s deadly Domain Expansion and Fire Arrow attack in Shinjuku!

This also isn’t the first time that activation conditions for a cursed technique have been shown to change!

Let’s take Sukuna’s domain expansion itself, which he unleashed in Shinjuku.

Not only did he change the handsigns for activating his domain – but he also used the part of his brain that was unaffected by the Unlimited Void.

This shows that on gaining a better understanding of Jujutsu, changing the activation condition of a cursed technique indeed is something that is possible.

So, lets throw those asspull allegations out of the window…

Yuta’s role:

Todo’s important role in the current Shinjuku showdown was kept a secret from Itadori, due to the fear of Resonance leaking their plan to Sukuna.

However, Yuta also seemed to have played some sort of a role in Todo refining his cursed technique in the aftermath of the Shibuya incident.

What exactly did the fine-tuning of his cursed technique ensue? Once again, due to the limited information available, all we can do is speculate.

From what was revealed in chapter 260, it seems that Yuta majorly helped him in adjusting the range of the Boogie Woogie.

On top of that, the chapter also confirmed Todo’s role in catching Kenjaku off-guard!

The above instance is enough to prove that Gege had foreshadowed Todo’s involvement in the battle, and not something he did out of the blue!

Also, we know Yuta’s Copy technique is a buff that surely has the potential to decide the outcome of the battle.

It is possible that Yuta copied Todo’s Boogie Woogie, to keep it as a worthy tool in his arsenal!

What are your thoughts on Todo getting the Boogie Woogie back? Let me know them in the comments below!!

How Did Todo Get His Cursed Technique Back? What Happened To His Arm? [Updated] - Animehunch (2024)


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