Pixelmon Mod View topic - Pixelmon 9.1.4 (2024)

- 30 May 2023 13:42 #216039

"Smol update, rq"

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.
- If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added Mystery Box.
  • Added Mystery Box recipe, crafted with Netherite Scraps, a Nether Star, a Ruby and a Sapphire.
  • Added Meltan and Ditto spawning to the Mystery Box.
  • Added config options for Mystery Box spawning and behavior parameters in `spawning.yml`.
  • Added Meltan evolution method by feeding it Iron Nuggets.
  • Added config options for Meltan evolution parameters.
  • Added 2D 'Sprite' mode for all Pokémon entities.
  • Added all unreleased Pokémon data, defaulting to 'Sprite' mode.
  • Added support for `pixelmon:none` as an option to disable the model attempting to be rendered, defaulting to the sprite without throwing an error.
  • Added a config option for toggling sprite mode globally.
  • Added `[F3 + X]` as a keybind for toggling sprite mode globally.
  • Added `undexable` species tag to prevent a specie from appearing in the PokéDex.
  • Added Auspicious Armor.
  • Added Malicious Armor.
  • Added Froggy Chair.
  • Added Glass Table.
  • Added Cluttered Box variant to Box.
  • Added Egg Block:
    * Landing on, walking on or breaking an Egg block starts a boss battle while in Ultraspace.
  • Added config option for multiplying Pokémon spawn levels in Ultraspace (defaults to 2).
  • Made all Pokémon in Ultraspace default to aggressive AI.
  • Added Ultra Crater biome, which generates deathly, liquid-filled geysers,towering monoliths, and buried metal pipes that inflict poison, mining fatigue and blindness by chance upon mining.
  • Added Ultra Plant biome, which generates Xurkitree-like features, large and imposing monoliths and aggressive lightening strikes on breaking light-producing blocks.
  • Added a 40% chance of wild Pokémon starting a horde battle in Ultraspace.
  • Added Nest feature to Ultraspace:
    * Nests spawn most often at bedrock level.
    * Nests spawn wild Pokémon Eggs protected by aggressive, high-level Boss Pokémon.
  • Added egg hatching animation, complete with an original sound.
  • Added group spawning feature, where Pokémon will only spawn as a combination of a bigger group, entirely supported by our spawning system.
  • Added 17 Pixelmon-themed paintings via Minecraft's Painting item block.
  • Added and revamped battle logging system and making it extendable.
  • Added battle logging to the following actions: Select Move, Battle Message, Change Ability/Type, Damage Pokémon, Enter/Exit Dynamax, Global/Personal Status Add/Remove, Heal Pokémon, Mega, Player Command, Stat Change, Terrain/Weather Change, Turn Begin/End and Ultra Burst.
  • Added player positions and dimensions to the start of battle logs.
  • Added Poképaste URL to battle log headers.
  • Added upload button to the import and export screens for the PokéWand, allowing you to export with Poképaste.
  • Added a download button to the PokéWand, allowing you to download a Poképaste to the party.
  • Added a config setting to `graphics.yml` for changing the radius of the "spectate battle" message.
  • Added config toggle to `graphics.yml` for rendering wild Pokémon while in battle, defaults to false.
  • Added config setting to `spawning.yml` for Ultra Space horde spawn chance.
  • Added config toggle to `graphics.yml` for Pixelmon particles visibility.
  • Added all Generation 9 TMs.
  • Added Generation 9 Blank TM item.
  • Added game starting pop-up tutorial to first join 'Send Out' Pokémon action.
  • Added Avoidance potion effect, preventing aggressive Pokémon from targeting a player.
  • Added Repel potion effect, preventing Pokémon from spawning on a player.
  • Added achievements for entering Ultra Space.
  • Added achievements for touching or getting sick from Ultra Cactus, Ultra Deep Kelp, Ultra Forest Flower and Ultra Crater pipes.
  • Added all Pixelmon recipes to Minecraft's Recipe Book:
    * Recipes for each type of Pokéball unlock once their Pokéball lid is obtained.
    * Recipes for Poké, Great, Ultra, Nest, and Heal Pokéball lids unlock once any Apricorn is picked up.
    * Recipes for additional Pokéball lids unlock once a Poké, Great, Ultra, Nest, or Heal Pokéball is crafted.
    * Recipes for the Pokéball lids of Pokéballs from PLA unlock upon obtaining their crafting materials.
    * Recipes for all PokéBall bases unlock once an ingot or plank is picked up.
    * The rest of the recipes are unlocked from obtaining one of their ingredients or the recipe's output item but of a different color. Exceptions to this are the Red Chain and Porygon Pieces, which require all component items to unlock the recipe, and the Fossil Cleaner, which requires obtaining a Covered Fossil.
  • Added config setting called `always-aggressive-dimension` which dictates which dimensions should spawn Pokémon that are always aggressive encounters and use aggressive AI in battle.
  • Added config setting called `horde-battle-dimensions` which dictates in which dimensions the 40% (configurable) chance of a horde battle spawning applies.


  • Added Lechonk.
  • Added Oinkologne.
  • Added Nacli.
  • Added Naclistack.
  • Added Garganacl.
  • Added Smoliv.
  • Added Dolliv.
  • Added Arboliva.
  • Added Iron Moth.
  • Added Slither Wing.
  • Added Iron Thorns.
  • Added Glimmet.
  • Added Glimmora.
  • Added Paldean Tauros (Combat Breed).
  • Added Paldean Tauros (Blaze Breed).
  • Added Paldean Tauros (Aqua Breed).

Effects, Moves and Abilities:

  • Effects:
    * Added Tidy Up effect.
    * Added Gigaton Hammer effect.
    * Added Rage Fist effect.
    * Added Last Respects move effect.
  • Abilities:
    * Added Seed Sower ability.
    * Added Cud Chew ability.
    * Added Commander ability.
    * Added Guard Dog ability.
    * Added Zero to Hero ability.
    * Added Beads of Ruin ability.
    * Added Sword of Ruin ability.
    * Added Tablets of Ruin ability.
    * Added Vessel of Ruin ability.
    * Added Well-Baked Body ability.
    * Added Wind Rider ability.
    * Added Wind Power ability.
    * Added Anger Shell ability.
    * Added Armor Tail ability.
    * Added Purifying Salt ability.
    * Added Quark Drive ability.
    * Added Protosynthesis ability.
    * Added Orichalcum Pulse ability.
    * Added Sharpness ability.
    * Added Hadron Engine ability.
    * Added Rocky Payload ability.
    * Added Lingering Aroma ability.
    * Added Toxic Debris ability.
    * Added Supreme Overlord ability.
    * Added Opportunist ability.
    * Added Good as Gold ability.
    * Added Costar ability.
    * Added Mycelium Might ability.
  • Moves:
    * Added Salt Cure move.
    * Added Mortal Spin move.
    * Added Doodle move.
    * Added Hyper Drill move.
    * Added Raging Bull move.
    * Added Population Bomb move.
    * Added Double Shock move.
    * Added Axe Kick move.
    * Added Silk Trap move.
    * Added Triple Dive move.
    * Added Gigaton Hammer move.
    * Added Armor Cannon move.
    * Added Bitter Blade move.
    * Added Tidy Up move.
    * Added Revival Blessing move.
    * Added Rage Fist move.


  • Added accessibility narration through subtitles to all Pixelmon sounds.
  • Added new Pokémon sounds: Annihilape, Armarouge, Capsakid, Cyclizar, Dodonzo, Dudunsparce, Espartha, Gholdengo, Gimmighoul, Glimmet, Glimmora, Hawlucha, Iron Jugulis, Iron Thorns, Klawf, Koraidon, Miraidon, Nymble, Scovillain, Spoink, Tatsugiri, Wiglett and Wugtrio.


  • Added Ghost Gym Town to Soul Sand Valley: Ghost Gym, Blacksmith, Church, Clutter A-I, Day Care, Elite A-F, Farm A-D, Grunt A-I, House A-D, Leader A-F, Pokémon Center, Poké Mart, Road A-D, Town Center A-B and TCG Shop.
  • Added Ultra Crater Den A-F.
  • Added Ultra Crater Grotto A-J.
  • Added Ultra Crater Gray/Red/White Pipe A-R, a mineshaft-like pipe system full of loot to explore.
  • Added Ultra Plant Den A-D.
  • Added Ultra Plant Grotto A-B.
  • Moved Fire Gym Town to Nether Wastes biome.
  • Updated signs for visibility for all TCG and Day Care structures.
  • Updated all relevant structures to the new Blockbench blocks.

From Suggestions:

  • 30582 Added a new [code single]MoonPhaseEvolution[/code] condition ([code single]{ "moonPhase": 0, "evoConditionType": "moonPhase" }[/code]) where moon phase values correspond with Minecraft's 8 tier phase system, thanks to a community suggestion!
  • Updated Pixelmon Spawner to support ability, boss, untradeable, uncatchable, unbattleable, ribbon and min/max level Pokémon specs.
  • 31462 Added Generation 9 starters to the spawning pool. Check our wiki for biome specifics.
  • Added Linking Cord evolutions to all Pokémon which evolve via trade while holding an item, thanks to our datapack author community!
  • Added Linking Cord evolution to Shelmet if Karrablast or Escavalier are in party.
  • Added Linking Cord evolution to Karrablast if Shelmet or Accelgor are in party.


  • Added `byg:travertine`, `byg:frost_magma`, `byg:overgrown_crimson_blackstone`, `minecraft:nether_wart_block`, `byg:subzero_ash`, `byg:subzero_crystal_block`, and `byg:budding_subzero_crystal` to "seesSkyexception".
  • Removed Ultra Space biomes from all normal categories except the "ultraspace" category.
  • Updated Raids in Ultra Space to increase the difficulty of spawned Pokémon.
  • Updated Legendary Pokémon in Ultra Space Raids to Necrozma, Solgaleo and Lunala only spawns.
  • Added Yellow Concrete Powder, Orange Concrete and Yellow Concrete to valid Land blocks.
  • Added fishing to Ultra Forest, Ultra Crater, Ultra Desert, Ultra Jungle, Ultra Plant, Ultra Deep Sea.
  • Updated Water Loot for Ultra Space to add different rarities on Silver Bottle Caps and Evolution Stones.
  • Added Cosmog to all Ultra Space biomes during Dawn and Day.
  • Added Piplup Line Fishing to Freezing biomes with an anticondition of Freezing Forests and Freezing Mountains at All Times.
  • Added Tadbulb Line to River, Swamps, and Lakes at All Times.
  • Added Kingdra to Oceanic and Beaches with an anticondition of Freezing biomes during the Day.
  • Added Buizel Line to River, Lakes, Stone Shore, Gravel Beach, and Rocky Beach at All Times.
  • Added Stunfisk and Galarian Stunfisk to Swamps at All Times.
  • Added Wooper Line to Swamps, River, and Lakes during Day and Dusk.
  • Added Paldean Wooper Line to Swamps during Night and Dawn.
  • Added Marshtomp and Swampert to Swamps at Night.


  • Changed the Ultraspace Teleporter to a consumable item for non-creative players.
  • Changed the Drowned World Teleporter to a consumable item for non-creative players.
  • Updated Boulder to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Small TV to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Large TV to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Old TV to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Frozen, Static and Fiery shrine to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Timespace Altar to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Arc Chalice to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Ilex Shrine to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Fan to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Mower to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Washing Machine to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated End Table to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Umbrella to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Vending Machine to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Water Float to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Healer, PC and Trading Machine to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Rug to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Folding Chair, Cushion Chair and Arm Chair to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Clock to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Box to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Couch to new Block Bench model.
  • Updated Gym Sign to new Block Bench model, capable of attaching to walls and ceilings.
  • Removed Clothed Table, replaced by Glass Table.
  • Added Silver Helmet to the Village Armorer's item pool.
  • Added Ruby Hoe to the Village Toolsmith item pool.
  • Updated battle crashing to crash at the first error instead of tolerating three consecutive errors and causing a battle lock-up.
  • Updated [code single]/tcg give[/code] to support fullness quantity for TCG Jars.
  • Updated the PokéWand display to be wider and easier to review.
  • Slowed down Pokémon movement AI, so they no longer run around everywhere, all the time.
  • Disabled Pokémon AI movement for all foes and allies in battle.
  • Updated battle rendering so wild Pokémon no longer render while in battle.
  • Updated battle rendering to force opposing Pokémon to look at each other during battle.
  • Updated battle camera to center and focus on the PokéBall when capturing in-battle.
  • Updated battles to award the player with 10 seconds of Pokémon Avoidance potion effect on battle end.
  • 13688 17981 Players can no longer be pushed while in battle.
  • Updated [code single]/wiki[/code] command to return our Pixelmon wiki link when used with no arguments.
  • Updated PokéStop model. Valentine's Day is over!
  • Updated Gracidea's collision and break speed to be consistent with vanilla flowers.
  • Updated Gracidea's bonemeal spread chance to 5%.
  • Updated Small, Large and Old TV to be turned on only if interacted with face front.
  • Removed deprecated [code single]/struc[/code] command, use Minecraft's Structure Blocks instead.
  • 17230 Reduced the permission level from 4 (owner) to 2 (command block and functions) for the following commands: [code single]dolegendaryspawn[/code], [code single]pokerestart[/code], [code single]pokebomb[/code], [code single]spawning[/code] and [code single]starter[/code].
  • Reduced the permission level from 4 (owner) to 3 (admin) for [code single]pixeltp[/code].
  • Removed Anvil recipe, a block that is no longer needed to craft PokéBalls.
  • Updated Relearner and Move Tutor screen FLASHBANG extra-bright screen to no longer being so bright.
  • Updated the Love Sweet's recipe from using Brown Dye to using Cocoa Beans.
  • Updated Card Compendium to yield all cards only when player is in creative.
  • Fixed missing Christmas Spheal (online) sprite.
  • Updated Cushion Chair recipes.
  • Updated Relic items shopkeeper prices to reflect a more realistic value.
  • Reduced memory allocation in our Pokémon spawning system.
  • Added TM data to MissingNo.


  • Re-organized Rapid Spin to include speed in its datapack json.
  • Added a new evolution condition that requires a Pokémon to use a move a certain amount of times before it may evolve.
  • Added a new insideBattle evolution condition.
  • Added a new 'WalkEvolution' condition for evolving a Pokémon after walking a set number of blocks.
  • Added error log on datapack load if datapack contains an invalid evolution condition.
  • Added the apricorns, armchairs, badgecases, cleanedfossils, flutes, folding_chairs, healers, pcs, rugs, trade_machines, umbrellas, uncleanedfossils, vendable, vending_machines, and water_floats tags.


  • Fixed [code single]/learnmove[/code] failing to include all level-up moves despite them being in a specie's level learnset.
  • 18694 Fixed Trainer Cards not displaying another player's Pokémon when viewed.
  • Fixed mispelled Pokémon targets in [code single]/pokespawn[/code] throwing an error when the target is shiny.
  • 20017 Fixed several typos causing 'gray' tinted blocks from being unrecognizable in the [code single]betterspawnerconfig.json[/code].
  • 19878 Fixed Zygarde Cells being unplaceable next to each other while placed on non-grass or wood blocks.
  • Fixed Hisuian Zorua failing to spawn in raids due to a typo.
  • 18843 Fixed Kyogre failing to summon rain with thunderstorm when using Rain Dance as an external move.
  • Fixed an error caused by special palette statues after its palette having been deleted.
  • 19974 Fixed Sacred Ash healing all Pokémon in the party when used, instead of only healing the fainted ones.
  • 19625 Fixed Wings and EV Juices from being used infinitely, causing no changes to stats yet applying to capped Pokémon.
  • 19350 Fixed Catch Combos failing to apply a shiny multiplier when not used in conjunction with a Shiny Lure.
  • 20072 Fixed party form evolution condition not accounting for translated specie names.
  • Fixed Pixelmon item blocks failing to produce placement sounds.
  • 19282 Fixed Pokémon evolving into themselves.
  • Fixed aggressive AI upon Pokémon targeting a player for battle.
  • Fixed timid AI upon Pokémon running away from a player.
  • Fixed the Ultraspace Teleporter and Drowned World Teleporter placing you inside blocks when underground.
  • Fixed particles failing to display when battle attack animations are played.
  • Fixed the Pokéball use event not being cancelable.
  • Fixed the inventory being changed on the client separate to the server on Pokéball use.
  • 19841 Fixed Silk Touch failing to drop Fossil Blocks when mining a Fossil Block.
  • 20234 Fixed external move Cut causing wood log duplication upon usage.
  • Fixed Fighting type erroneously requiring 3 Oak Planks instead of 2.
  • 19792 Fixed client crash caused by bee replacement logic.
  • 20094 Fixed Pokémon failing to evolve after a battle upon reaching the required level.
  • 20075 Fixed a client crash when shift-clicking a Pokémon into the PC.
  • Fixed Pokémon spawning in the air at low Y levels or on superflat worlds.
  • 20239 Fixed Doctor John using Nurse Joy lines when healing a party from Pokérus.
  • Fixed the PokéWand's multi-line text editor so it's functional again.
  • Fixed the PokéWand's Showdown importer and exporter.
  • Fixed the PokéWand's [code single][Save][/code] button in the importer and exporter.
  • 20066 Fixed the [code single]unequippable[/code] NBT tag failing to prevent items from being stored in armor slots.
  • 19566 Fixed missing Zeraora sound.
  • Fixed players' movement staying frozen after warp plate usage.
  • 19387 Fixed the NPC Editor disallowing the renaming of NPCs through backspace usage.
  • 20089 Fixed Raid catching failing when a player carries more than 2 stacks of the same type of PokéBall in their inventory.
  • Fixed Pokémon AI spinning on corners of blocks and at the end of their paths. No more spinny bois
  • Fixed aggressive AI failing to correctly target players.
  • Fixed sent out Pokémon walking away from their Trainer.
  • Fixed aggression specie stats failing to apply properly.
  • 17026 Fixed Flygon's missing facial features.
  • 19856 Fixed duplication of multi-blocks when destroyed by TNT.
  • Fixed [code single]/pokedelete[/code] command deleting the wrong Pokémon and causing a crash.
  • Fixed [code single]/pokespawn[/code] failing to summon MissingNo when specified as a spec.
  • Fixed missing texture reference for Pika Mug.
  • Fixed missing container capability to the Fridge. Clicking while uncrouched will now open the block's container.
  • Fixed missing dual model Egg model on Crocalor's head mesh.
  • Fixed Ultra Space Sandstone failing to craft into its respective Chiseled, Cut, and Smooth sandstone variants.
  • Fixed Ultra Space Stone failing to craft into its respective Chiseled and Polished stone variants.
  • Fixed Gracidea failing to spread when bonemealed on grass.
  • Fixed Gracidea not dropping when mined directly.
  • 18693 Fixed Online Spheal (Christmas 2021) not appearing in the [code single][ESC][/code] cosmetics menu.
  • 18704 Fixed in-progress Cloning Machines dropping an Aluminum Ingot isntead of a Cloning Machine.
  • 18808 Fixed Shaymin Gracidea apply effect failing to display leaf particles.
  • 19951 Fixed Arc Chalice plate placement failing to display type plate particles.
  • Fixed Timespace Altar activation event failing to display summoning circle particles.
  • Fixed Pokéball models not resetting on client resource pack reload.
  • Fixed the Pixelmon Spawner improperly converting boss mode ratio.
  • 20131 Fixed Picket Fences from being un-waterloggable.
  • Fixed time requirement truncation on Day Care wait time in datapacks, now using minutes and not hours.
  • 20257 Fixed Charm items causing errors in multiplayer consoles upon usage.
  • 19980 Fixed Ultra Desert Chiseled Sandstone using the incorrect side panel texture.
  • Fixed Fossil Displays failing to drop their displayed Fossil upon block break.
  • 20000 Fixed TCG Card HP failing to render while in inventory.
  • Fixed player successfully using PP increasing items on moves that have their max PP equal or lower to their base PP.
  • 19966 19967 19968 Fixed incorrectly typed sound files.
  • 20338 Fixed PokéGift's recipe.
  • Fixed PC storage failing due to a rare error.
  • 20294 Fixed Cloning Machine and Reassembly Unit spawn rates not respecting the shiny rate set in config.
  • Fixed PokéEditor fields breaking when changing the species field.
  • 19392 Fixed Pixelmon blocks failing to place on Snow blocks.
  • Fixed the camera remaining stuck in one spot while watching a Pokémon evolve.
  • Fixed Pokémon freezing into place or moving extremely slowly when swimming.
  • Fixed TCG cards rendering with excessive shadow effects.
  • 15833 Fixed Zacian, Zamazenta and Eternatus accepting Dynamax Candies instead of failing.
  • 17059 Fixed Ghost-type Pokémon being immune to damage by vanilla potions.
  • 18065 Item Finder now finds items as the name implies.
  • Fixed dens in chunk limits spawning Legendaries and then immediately despawning.
  • 19647 Fixed Pokémon ruled by 'three perfect IVs' failing to apply iv-related specs properly, now ignoring the rule if an iv-spec is specified.
  • Fixed happiness-related specs failing to apply when used via [code single]/pokegive[/code] and other similar commands.
  • Fixed [code single]/pokebomb[/code] and [code single]pokespawn[/code] failing to respect the world they are executing in, fixing their usage with Minecraft's [code single]/execute[/code].
  • Fixed Lopunny's model missing its neck piece.
  • Fixed join dev message failing to send on the first time joining a server.
  • Fixed the Fractured Pillar's recipe crafting into a Temple Pillar.
  • Fixed vanilla loot tables failing to use PokéBall IDs properly.
  • Fixed dual model animation sequencing counting incorrectly when switching between animation types.
  • Fixed Christmas Spheal (Online) missing sprite.
  • 20337 Fixed Hitmontop walking backwards.
  • Fixed White Stripe Basculin evolving into either gender instead of maintaining its gender post-evolution.
  • Fixed missing Generation 9 TMs to all new Generation 9 Pokémon.
  • Fixed insanely high flight height for several Pokémon that were launching far too high in the sky on prompt.
  • Fixed erroneous egg cycle entries for Sneasel, Wyrdeer, Kleavor, Ursaluna, Sneasler and Overqwil.
  • Fixed NPCs failing to be targeted by Minecraft's [code single]/kill[/code] command.
  • Fixed NPCs failed to be harmed or killed by creative-mode players.
  • Fixed a memory issue caused by the navigator stored in the Server World for block changes, changing the Entity's navigator to ensure that entities have a "permanent" navigator, preventing further memory leaks.
  • Fixed a memory issue caused by the structure cache being removed improperly while using the correct dimension key for structure checks.


  • 20093 Fixed revived Pokémon crashing raid battles.
  • Fixed Triple Axel erroneously messaging that its target avoided the attack if one of its three hits missed the target.
  • 20099 Fixed Ditto failing to use Transform when used in a raid battle.
  • 18676 Fixed extreme weathers not activating properly when Kyogre or Groudon use Primal Reversion.
  • Fixed the [code single]TeamSelectScreen[/code] from being prematurely closed by hitting [ESC].
  • 20082 Fixed Shed Tail producing battle errors upon use.
  • Fixed Thermal Exchange failing to boost attack power as expected.
  • 20235 Fixed Aegislash's stats failing to properly switch when changing stances.
  • Fixed missing battle message which communicates when Water-typed attacks fail under harsh sunlight, and its counterpart for Fire-typed attacks failing under heavy rain.
  • Fixed Anchor Shot failing to target adjacent foes and allies.
  • 20236 Fixed certain abilities gained on mega evolve or primal reversion activating twice.
  • Fixed mega evolutions failing to activate whilst in a double battle.
  • 20077 Fixed mega evolutions failing to activate in PVP battles if rules are set to 'Raise to Cap' or 'Team Preview'.
  • Fixed Shell Trap failing to damage all adjacent opponents upon use.
  • 20229 Fixed Darmanitan failing to access Zen Mode while in battle under the right HP conditions.
  • 20174 Fixed Misty Terrain emulating Electric Terrain when used by AI.
  • 20099 Fixed Ditto being unable to use Transform during a raid battle.
  • 20277 Fixed Earth Eater healing the opponent instead of the user.
  • Fixed Rayquaza failing to use properly Air Lock.
  • Fixed switching or fleeing in battle erroneously taking into account the Pokémon in the last slot.
  • Fixed the battle camera's movement being excessively jittery and moving around the battle scene.
  • Fixed the battle camera's render vanishing in-battle Pokémon when scrolling out far enough for them to be out of render distance.
  • 19509 Fixed Filter and Tinted Lens failing to apply 8x weakness or 8x resistance, respectively.
  • Fixed White Herb triggering if stats had been lowered despite being unusable.
  • Fixed a Pokémon which is mega evolving as it KO's an opponent failing to update its model while in battle.
  • Fixed a Pokémon which is mega evolving as it gets killed failing to correctly phase over to the next turn, resulting in the opponent attacking the next sent out Pokémon with the same move that KO'd the failed mega.
  • Fixed Ice Face activating at the end of the turn.
  • 20209 Fixed a battle waiting bug caused by attempting to catch a high-velocity flying Pokémon while very high off the ground.
  • Fixed guaranteed critical hit moves such as Flower Trick and Wicked Blow failing to bypass Reflect.
  • 20270 Fixed shiny Zoroark particles persisting after Illusion when morphing into a non-shiny opponent.
  • Fixed freezing status effect conditions in battle.
  • Fixed multiple hit effects causing a battle crash.
  • Fixed Burning Jealousy not targeting both adjacent foes as a spread move should.
  • 16276 Fixed Shedinja's maximum health increasing erroneously upon dynamaxing (for realsies this time).
  • Fixed a packet-loss issue causing the player to be stuck in waiting when using Teleport after the user has spam-clicked or used an auto-clicker.
  • Fixed an issue where the client's Pokémon HP displays out of sync with the server due to concurrent modification of the variable when animating the health bar.


  • Updated French translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.


  • Replaced old Meltan evolution condition and specification requirement, going from ores to nuggets and `OresSmeltedRequirement` to `NuggetsFedRequirement` respectively.
  • Added MysteryBoxEvent superclass, containing various sub-events for handling Mystery Boxes:
  • Added `MysteryBoxEvent.Activate`, fired whenever a player right-clicks a Mystery Box. Can modify the input item, or be cancelled to prevent activation.
  • Added `MysteryBoxEvent.Open.Pre`, fired whenever a Mystery Box is about to open. Can call `setCanOpen` or be cancelled to prevent the box from opening.
  • Added `MysteryBoxEvent.Open.Post`, fired whenever a Mystery Box has just opened. Can modify the updated values of the Mystery Box via this event.
  • Added `MysteryBoxEvent.Feed`, fired whenever a Netherite Scrap is about to be fed to a Mystery Box. Can be cancelled to prevent the scrap from being fed to it.
  • Added `MysteryBoxEvent.ComparatorPower`, fired whenever a Mystery Box updates its comparator output strength.
  • Added `MysteryBoxEvent.Tick.Start`, fired at the start of a Mystery Box's tick. Can be cancelled to prevent further tick logic from being processed.
  • Added `MysteryBoxEvent.Tick.TrySpawn`, fired whenever a Mystery Box is about to try to spawn a Pokémon. Can be cancelled to prevent this attempt.
  • Added `MysteryBoxEvent.Tick.DoSpawn`, fired just before a Mystery Box is going to spawn a Pokémon. Can be cancelled to prevent this, or the Pokémon being spawned can be modified.
  • Added `MysteryBoxEvent.Tick.AboutToClose`, fired just before a Mystery Box is about to close. Can be cancelled to keep the Mystery Box open.
  • Reduced access on `AbstractClientEntity#evoStage` so it's only accessible via getters & setters as it now has a data-sync.
  • Added `EggBlockEvent.SelectSpecies` with `Pre` and `Post` sub events for modifying the species selected to be spawned by a specific Pokemon Egg.
  • Added `EggBlockEvent.BeginFight` with `Pre` and `Post` sub events for modifying the entity that begins the battle from Pokemon Eggs.
  • Added `Ability#modifyStatsOther` and `Ability#modifyStatsCancellableOther`.
  • Adds the `EnforcedReviveTask` and `EnforcedRevivePacket`.
  • Adds the `EnforcedReviveMode` BattleScreen.
  • Deprecated `Pokemon#getPixelmonWrapper` because it tries to get the PixelmonWrapper from an entity instead of the player participant, Pokemon, or battle controller.
  • Changed `RaidActionPacket` to send item count separately from the ItemStack.
  • Added the `SyncSpectatorRangePacket` so developers can set the range a client can see the spectate battle message from.
  • Added the `AttackEvent.Use` event to additional instances where a move misses or fails to work.
  • Added getters to the PokemonBuilder variables.
  • Added an error if the Import/Export logic finds a MissingNo.
  • Added error line to stacktrace for showdown errors.
  • Created the `PokemonRetrievedEvent` for retrieving a Pokemon (its entity) and returning it to its Pokeball.
  • Created the `WalkedPokemonListener` which uses the `PokemonSendOut` and `PokemonRetrieved` events to track how far a player walks with a Pokemon sent out.
  • Added particle information to entities and the Transform packet.
  • Added packet logging option behind the environment variable `pixelmon.log_packets` for startup flags, `-Dpixelmon.log_packets=true`.
  • Added client-side "battle mode" changing logging behind the environment variable `pixelmon.client.log_battle_mode` for startup flags, `-Dpixelmon.client.log_battle_mode=true`.
  • Reduced allocations in storage manager `getAllCachedStorages` by setting the side of the list to the correct amount.
  • Removed exception usage in `NumberHelper` parse logic to improve memory usage and make its reading easier, now using `OptionalInt`, `OptionalFloat` and `OptionalLong` to reduce unnecessary boxing and unboxing.
Pixelmon Mod View topic - Pixelmon 9.1.4 (2024)


Is Pixelmon still a thing? ›

Sadly, the original Pixelmon mod had to be discontinued. However, this beloved Pokemon-Minecraft crossover concept is back in the form of Pixelmon Generations, and it's shaping up to be just as promising and enjoyable as the first one.

What is the strongest Pokémon in Pixelmon? ›

Arceus is, without a doubt, the most powerful Legendary Pokémon. This Normal type Mythical Pokémon is the creator of the universe and thus the closest that the Pokémon world has to a god. When it hatched from its egg, Arceus brought with it time, space, and antimatter in the form of the Creation Trio.

Is Pixelmon copyrighted? ›

There's no denying that the Pixelmon mod uses the actual artwork copyrighted for Pokemon sprites.

Did Pixelmon make money? ›

Pixelmon sold 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), raising a huge amount of cryptocurrency (valued at $70 million at the time). That was enough money to budget a triple-A video game. But users were shocked when they saw the first shoddy art from Pixelmon.

Does the end exist in Pixelmon? ›

The End is a biome where a variety of Pokémon spawn. This specific biome consists of the "main" End island where the player encounters the Ender Dragon; it is home primarily to Psychic type Pokémon. The Legendary Pokémon Regieleki can be found here.

Is Pixelmon Generations or Reforged better? ›

The pick between Generations and Reforged often comes down to the question of quality versus quantity. Pixelmon Generations offers more content at the cost of performance, and Reforged provides better performance at the cost of content coming out slower.

Does Pixelmon cost money? ›

Does Pixelmon Reforged cost money? No, Pixelmon Reforged is a free mod.

How long has Pixelmon been out? ›

Back in 2013, we listed the Pixelmon mod for Minecraft as one of the best "Pokemon X/Y alternatives" available on the PC.

What is the 1 strongest Pokémon? ›

The Most Powerful Pokemon
  • Arceus (720)
  • Complete Forme Zygarde (708)
  • Terapagos (700)
  • Crowned Sword Zacian (700)
  • Crowned Shield Zamazenta (700)
  • Black / White Kyurem (700)
  • Eternatus (690)
  • Rayquaza (680)
Apr 16, 2024

How rare is legendary in pixelmon? ›

A Legendary Pokémon has a chance of spawning every 12.5 to 29.16 minutes.

Does Nintendo own Pokémon? ›

Pokémon has since been estimated to be the world's highest-grossing media franchise and one of the best-selling video game franchises. Pokémon has an uncommon ownership structure. Unlike most IPs, which are owned by one company, Pokémon is jointly owned by three: Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures.

Can I play Pixelmon alone? ›

It's the first button on the Minecraft title page. This starts a new singleplayer game of Pixelmon. There are a few multiplayer servers in the Multiplayer menu. They may not always be online.

Is Pixelmon approved by Nintendo? ›

Short Answer: No, You Can't

Since the Nintendo Switch runs its own set of games and apps approved by Nintendo, and given that Pixelmon requires Minecraft with mod support – something the Switch version of Minecraft doesn't offer – you won't find Pixelmon in the list of games you can play on this console.

Can you still play Pixelmon on Minecraft? ›

The only version of Minecraft that supports mods is Minecraft: Java Edition. Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, as well as Minecraft for mobile phones and game consoles does not support mods and will not be able to play Pixelmon.

Does Pixelmon still get updated? ›

The Pixelmon mod is periodically updated to add new features and fix issues with the mod. However, if you have already installed a previous version of Pixelmon, you will not automatically be updated to the newest Pixelmon version when it is released. You will need to manually update Pixelmon to the latest version.

Is it possible to get Pixelmon? ›

Requirements. A paid copy of the Java edition of Minecraft, as purchased from this link or through your Mojang account. Only the Java edition can run Forge mods such as Pixelmon.

Is Pixelmon reforged the same as Pixelmon? ›

Pixelmon Reforged is the official continuation of The Pixelmon Mod. This version takes longer to update and add Pokémon, but is widely praised for offering a smooth and bug-free experience.


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